About Us

Pharaoh Athletics is a startup shoe company focusing on research and development. Combining the power of a brand together with technology and style through high quality custom apparel, and athletic footwear. Above all Pharaoh Athletics are innovators of athletic footwear technology aspiring to become the Apple of the athletic footwear industry. 

A New Era is about to begin for athletic footwear.

The Future is Now

Innovators have always been driven with passion, and the unknown is more of a challenge like space is to our astronauts leaning on faith, courage, skill, and bravery. Throughout history we have heard about or witnessed many stories about Americans who pioneered inventing new products that made our lives easier. As time goes on, and the pioneers life has moved on the products have become a part of our daily life and their legacy continues to live. To be American is to drive innovation forward no matter the obstacle, set backs, the trials, the unbelievers, and the limitless amount of hearing these words; “No!” that inventors, or entrepreneurs encounter after there first “Yes!”

Our mission for Pharaoh Athletics is not to become a regular shoe Company. As an Inventor, Motion Controlled Footwear was never just a regular shoe, and I never went to school for designing shoes. The shoes that were created took 5 years to develop, and numerous patents to get the design just right due to my lack of knowledge of shoe design. However, I am certain that what I created may not change the world but it will change the way we wear shoes. If you haven’t noticed or read yet, I talk a lot about cars. Well, just like Henry Ford was a pioneer for the invention of the motor vehicle, I consider Pharaoh Athletics to be a pioneer of the American sneakers. Motion Controlled Footwear share similar characteristics as cars, however since we are talking about cars, instead of developing a normal driving car that gets you from point A to B, we wanted to create a hyper car within a shoe that was fun, exciting, thrill seeking, and above all delivered the “Wow Factor!” They are called Hyper Shoes.

As we start our Journey, come join us to set a new bar for athletic footwear, and continue a legacy that lives on in our spirit to conquer boundaries. The revolution has only begun, and the future is now!

Thank you,


C.E.O. and Inventor